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Hello, I’m Maria - but friends call me Masha! I live and study in the South of France and I am the founder of ArtyMash. Three years spent in this wonderful town have strengthened my inspiration for art and my determination to spend more time in front of an easel.

​After completing the International General Certificate of Secondary Education in art, I decided to finish exploring art as a school subject. However, my passion for creating unique artworks has never disappeared. I came to the conclusion that my future career will be filled up with creativity and artistry. Encouraged by my dreams, every time I create a painting valuable to me, I will be posting it on this website to convert handmade crafts into love and respect for others.


As the owner and founder of ArtyMash Shop, I will be collaborating with The Art Therapy Project to help youth and adults affected by trauma.

Maria Zotova

Founder of ArtyMash

Maria Zotova

Founder of ArtyMash

My Mission

Most of the artworks are made with acrylics. This type of paint is one of the most versatile mediums, and one of the least toxic.

Every painting is filled with love and passion. Depending on the size of the canvas the completion time ranges around 4-20+ hours.

How the artworks are made

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